Are you ready to TRANSFORM into the person you were born to be?

Do you want to master your energy so you can manifest loads of abundance and success, on your own terms?

Your soul is special.  You are unique.  Only you have lived your journey, and have learned what you know.

It's time to fully step into your power.  To allow the effortless flow of abundance into your life.  The world needs you. It needs your gifts.

If you are ready to LIVE instead of just exist, I invite you to join me in my intimate 1-1 mentorship.


I'm a Certified Crystal Healer & Chakra Balancer, Assertiveness Coach, and Quantum Life Coach.  I have a plethora of energetic tools in my toolbox that I use to transform lives.

Through our time together, we will shine light on what is holding you back, the different facets of the Universal Laws.  I'll get you in touch with your guides & angels, and your own intuition for deeply transformative work.

You'll learn about karmic energy and how you can re-program your destiny, starting immediately!

We'll discover your past emotional blocks you've had programmed for years, allowing them to clear.

We'll also go over the Seven Breakthrough Forces that may be stuck in your subconscious, keeping you from achieving massive success and abundance!

You'll also learn powerful core techniques that initiate breakthroughs, to shift your consciousness and raise your vibration.

It's time to become a magnet for everything you desire!


Weeks 1&2: The Universal Laws

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, but did you know there are other Universal Laws of Creation?  Here we will discuss the Law of Magnetism, Law of Pure Desire, Law of Harmony, and more.

Week 3: Your Destiny

Here we will touch on the inner, outer, and mystical influences of your destiny.  These include karmic patterns and influences within the spirit world.  We'll also cover natural, karmic, and soul cycles.  Lastly, we'll discuss intentions and actions for shifting your energy.

Week 4: Divine Hierarchy & Ascended Masters

This week, we will discuss your true self, your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters.  You'll learn to connect to your higher self and receive communications from your guides and angels.

Week 5: Reincarnation & Karma

Here we will discuss the concepts of reincarnation and karma.  You'll learn the truth about karma, and will shift your encoded consciousness.  Thereby healing deep issues that have possibly been carried within your DNA throughout many lifetimes.

Week 6: Karmic Sources

During this session, we will cover karmic desire, growth, repetition, compensation, retribution, and service.

Week 7: Karmic Healing

Karmic healing involves releasing.  This week will be about releasing negative patterns, unhealthy habits, a toxic attachment, or emotional/spiritual imbalance.  We'll also discuss the 4 steps to karmic healing.

Week 8: Deepening Karmic Healing

This deeper karmic healing lesson covers entanglement, shared karmic codes, relationship patterns, and spirit lessons.  You'll also learn affirmations for karmic healing.

Weeks 9&10: The Chakras & 7 Breakthrough Forces

Here we will discuss the seven breakthrough forces of (responsibility, action, enthusiasm, love, expression, vision, and spirit) and how they relate to each of the 7 main chakras.

Week 11: The 7 Breakthrough Steps towards Radical Change

This seven-step process will de-code beliefs that no longer serve you, and re-encodes new beliefs and thought-processes to manifest in the affirmative.

Week 12: Individual Chakra Clearing

Here you'll learn how to clear each of the 7 main chakras, bring them into balance and harmony.  When the entire system is in balance, you'll become completely clear and your vibration will be instantly raised.



3 Months of Private, 1-1 Mentorship
Twelve 60-Minute Calls  (1 Call per Week)
Weekly Worksheets and Soulwork
Recommended Reading List
Unlimited email access to me

2018 New Year Planning Call (up to 2 hours - $750 value)
Mastering Crystal Energies Self-Study Course (Free Access)


$2,200 USD paid in-full
4 monthly payments of $660

Working with Lindsey was effortless. She provided a sacred space for me to be open about my deepest thoughts and feelings and helped me to set real goals to work past my blocks between calls. I can see a real difference in myself from when we began working together and when our sessions were complete. She helped me create momentum in my life where I was feeling stagnated. She helped me set better boundaries in my life to make sure that what feeds my soul got equal attention too. She helped me reach past self doubt and helped me work on speaking my truth, without fear. Her extensive knowledge of the metaphysical realm was an incredible and a powerful asset in making shifts.