allow your soul to shine

The online programs & tools below are affordable and convenient ways to master vibrational energy healing, in order to effectively transmute blockages & raise your vibration to live in alignment with your soul's purpose and illuminate the world.


Heal Into Love Program

This guided energy healing program through the chakras will enable you to identify energy blocks within your subconscious and clear them to raise your vibration.  When you raise your vibration, you become a match for everything your soul craves.


Mastering Crystal Energies

This online self-study course provides a comprehensive guide to working with crystal energies.  It describes how our energy is influenced by crystals, how to select, cleanse, & charge your crystals, the chakra system, how to balance your energy centers, and much more!


Illuminate Your Soul's Calling

This course will cover full self energetic mastery.  You'll go from being confused and curious, to fully understanding and beginning your path to higher vibrational living with intention.