So often, we make things more difficult than they need to be.  That's because when we're approaching a seemingly difficult situation, we tend to expect that it *will* be difficult.

But if we shift our approach simply by using our intention, we can allow things to go easily!

You can declare to the universe, "Let it be easy."  If you visualize the outcome you wish to achieve beforehand, it creates a blueprint for the universe.  

If you've been struggling and feel that whatever you're doing is supposed to be hard, then you're holding that belief in your subconscious energy.  So decide!  Decide to change it, and let it be easy.

Ask yourself, "Where in my life am I creating resistance because I expect things to be hard?"

Then, create the intention.  Intend for things to be easy.

The universe is expansive and all-knowing.  It knows the path of least resistance that still allows you to achieve your goals, because achieving goals isn't supposed to be an uphill battle.  When you intend for things to be easy, you are closer to alignment.

Why?  Because Spirit wants things to be easy for you.  The thought of being "tested" until you break is not what Spirit wants.  Spirit wants you to be in alignment and flowing.  It wants you to feel free and abundant.

We create hardships for ourselves, because of our expectations and our quickness to dismiss our intuitive guidance system - our emotions!  Our souls know when something feels off or wrong - yet we ignore our emotions and create difficulties anyway.

So pay attention to your emotions.  Release the expectation that things will be hard.  

Intend for them to be easy.