Not too long ago...

I had always been a pretty strong manifester.  I manifested my former programming job where I could work from home, my former office job, my soulmate fiancé, and our ideal home.  I had heard about the Law of Attraction, and began to get in touch with my spiritual side.  I had reservations, as I was constantly driven by masculine, logical energy. I had believed this path would lead to guaranteed happiness and success...

After a plethora of changes at work as a web developer for the government, I was no longer feeling fulfilled in my office job.  My coworker friends had quit, and one of them got sick from cancer.  A few months later, he passed away the day before my birthday.  I felt lost.  It was as if I was off-track from my true path.  This left me thinking:

  • What am I doing with my life?  
  • Is this what I want - to work every day in a grey, windowless cubicle, living the same day on repeat?
  • If this is what success looks like, why am I unhappy?

On my birthday, I decided to ask the universe to show me my purpose.

The very next day, I was waiting a stop sign, and someone crashed into me from behind.  This caused multiple spinal injuries, drastically changing my life.  Since I was in a state of low vibration and needed time off, the universe delivered - but not in the way I wanted.

I spent that time afterwards healing my spine and overall health, learning and absorbing as much as I could

I learned about levels of vibration, chakras, and energy healing.  I had always loved crystals and stones, and knew there was something more to them than met the eye.

I decided I was going to begin on a path towards doing what lights my soul on fire.

Doors began to open, and things seemed to magically happen.  I had finally received clarity after getting in tune with my higher self.  I learned special techniques, and used specific tools for applying those techniques.

I knew I wanted to help people and animals who resonate with me, so they can become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

I followed my bliss to become a Certified Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist, and Intuitive Life Coach.

I went from feeling lost and confused, to living my soul's calling.

I learned that I had installed certain programs into my subconscious from the very beginning of my life on this planet… I also learned how to rewrite and install new programs for living my life.  This led me to discover something for certain:

There is so much more to this life than we are programmed to believe.

After committing to follow my bliss, knowing I was fully supported by the universe - I went from feeling depressed, anxious, and afraid to feeling vibrant, joyful, and expansive.  

In doing so, I completely healed my spinal injuries diagnosed as "lifelong," (without surgery), lost weight with ease, healed reproductive issues I had since I was 14, and became a magnet for positive experiences instead of negative experiences.

My mission is to help YOU clear your energy, find your purpose, manifest with ease, and create a life you absolutely love living... every single day.