1-1 Private Mentorship and Divinely-Aligned Business Coaching Package

3 Month Duration


One 45-minute coaching call per week for 13 weeks (Total: 13)

Access to worksheets and journal prompts.


Week 1 - Determining your “why” and greater purpose.

Week 2 - Identifying your ideal clients, and their pain points.

Week 3 - Website creation or review and brand creation/review.

Week 4 - Positioning yourself as an expert.

Week 5 - Mindset and alignment work.

Week 6 - Creating your first hook & opt-in.

Week 7 - Building your soul audience.

Week 8 - Creating your first course/program/workshop.

Week 9 - Launching your signature program.

Week 10 - Getting featured in publications/receiving recognition.

Week 11 - Alignment versus forced action. Releasing resistance.

Week 12 - Review and launch.

Week 13 - Further growth and expansion.

Access to my Heal Into Love Divine Healing Program, full of energy healing modules and subconscious-reprogramming affirmations.

If you intuitively know we are a great fit to work together, I would love to hear from you!

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